Vegetarian and allergy-friendly food options in Copenhagen 🥑

List of eating places in Copenhagen that are friendly for people with dietary restrictions.

Vegetarian and allergy-friendly food options in Copenhagen 🥑
Photo by Lubo Minar / Unsplash

In General

Some widely available types of restaurants naturally offers gluten-, lactose-, egg- and/or nut-free options:

  • East-Asian food
    • Sushis: Sticks'n'Sushi, etc. A favorite is Wami Sushi on Islands Brygge
    • Pokebowls (from poke = to slice in Hawaiian) are diced raw fish dishes typically served on rice. They are quite popular in Copenhagen, for instance at Olioli (9 places in the city + airport)
    • South-East Asian food: Thai food or Vietnamese food for instance offer many dishes with rice noodles, and plenty of vegetables. Be careful as some dishes such as pad thai contain peanuts.
  • Indian food offers quite some vegetarian options, or really nice curry/rice dishes. Example: The South Indian
  • Near or Middle Eastern restaurants like Mahalle (6 places in Copenhagen) typically offer a variety of small dishes to share (mezze)
  • Some burger and pizza places have veggie patties in their menu, as well as the possibility to choose a gluten-free bun for a few extra kroner. One of them is Jagger which has 12 locations in Copenhagen.

Special selection

Below is a selection of non-chain restaurants and cafés which offer a specially wide selection of allergy-friendly dishes or options. Some are specialized Glutenfree or Vegan places.

Name Type Address Opening times Comments
42 Raw Frederiksberg Raw restaurant Falkoner Allé 21, 2000 Frederiksberg Man-Fre 10-19:30, Sat-Sun 10-17:30
42 Raw Pilestræde Raw restaurant Pilestræde 32, 1112 København Man-Fre 8-20, Sat-Sun 9-18
Behov Pizza Pizzeria Rentemestervej 94, 2400 København Sun-Wed 9-21, Thu-Sat 9-22 Glutenfri dough in option
Bistro Verde Vegan restaurant 22 Sankt Annæ Plads, 1250 København Wed-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-15 Brunch. Potentially gluten and nuts free
Eden Jaxx Købmagergade Burger Købmagergade 58, 1150 Copenhagen Sun-Wed 11-20:30, Thu-Sat 11-21:30 Glutenfri bun
Eden Jaxx Nørrebro Burger Fælledvej 15, 2200 Copenhagen Sun-Wed 11-20:30, Thu-Sat 11-21:30 Glutenfri bun
Eden Jaxx Østerbro Burger Rosenvængets Allé 3, 2100 Copenhagen Mon-Sun 11:30-20:30 Glutenfri bun
Eden Jaxx Vesterbro Burger Dybbølsgade 55, 1721 København Mon-Sun 11:30-20:30 Glutenfri bun
Flavour Bastards Vegan Ravnsborggade 12D, 2200 København Man-Thu 17-21, F-S 17-22
H.U.G Bageri Bakery Øster Farimagsgade 20, 2100 København Ø Man-Fre 8:30-17:30, Sat-Sun 8:30-16 All gluten-free and organic bakery
Hot Pot Republic Hot Pot Vesterbrogade 146, 1620 København Sun-Thu 17-22:30, Fri-Sat 17-23:30, Sat-Sun 10-14 Vegetarian version of Hot Pot available
Kaf Plant-based café Birkegade 21, 2200 Købenahvn Man-Sun 9-17:30
Kate’s Joint Middle-East and Indian/Malay Blaagaardsgade 12, København N Sun-Wed 17-22, Thu 17-23, Fri-Sat 17-23:30
Landbageriet Bakery Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 København K Man-Fre 6:30-18, Sat 7-17, Sun 7-16 Many gluten-free and vegan products
Livingstone Restaurant Sortedam Dossering 81, 2100 København Ø Mon-Thu: 9-22, Fri 9-00, Sat 8-23, Sun 8-21 Brunch, lunch and dinner. Glutenfri and vegan options clearly on the menu
Morgenstedet Vegetarian Fabriksområdet 134, København K Tue-Sun: 12-21 Vegetarian restaurant within Christiania
Naturtørst Eatery Amagerbrogade 138, 2300 København S Man-Fre 10-20, Sat-Sun 9-15:30 Several vegeterian, vegan and gluten-free options
Pow Vegan Pizzeria Kapelvej 5, 2200 København Man-Sun 16-21 Glutenfri dough in option
Pure Greens Club Vegan salads Gammel Kongevej 124, 1850 Frederiksberg C Mon-Sat 10-20
Restaurant ARK Plant-based restaurant Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København Tue-Thu 17-23, Fri-Sat 17-00
Social Coffee Brunch and cafe Peblinge Dossering 4, 2200 København N Mon-Fre 8-18, Sat-Sun 9-18
Souls Plant-based eatery Købkes Plads 34, 1760 København V Thu: 17-22, Fri: 17-23, Sat: 10-15 & 17-23, Sun 10-15
South Harbour Cafe Maroccan Hørdumsgade 1, 2450 København Mon-Sun 10-20
Square Burger Burger Sydområdet 18 A, 1440 København K Mon-Fri: 12-20, Sat: 14-20 Burger take-away truck within Christiania. Vegan brioche but not gluten-free
Stefanos Pizzeria Pizzeria Stefansgade 33, 2200 København N Man-Sun 10-22 2 vegan pizzas and glutenfri dough in option
The Organic Boho Plant-based food Paradisæblevej 28, 2500 Valby Sun-Thu: 10-21, Fri-Sat 10-22
Urten Vegan restaurant Larsbjørnsstræde 18, 1454 København K Tue-Sat 18-22
Vækst Vegetarian menu Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København K Mon-Sun 17:30-00:00
Veve Bistro Lacto-vegetarian cuisine Dampfærgevej 7, 2100 København Wed-Sat 16:30-23:30
Vital Foods Vegan food Kronprinsensgade 4, 1114 København K Mon-Fre 11-20, Sat 11-17

Some other places that don't exist anymore

When searching on Google, blog posts or Facebook groups, a number of restaurants or cafés are mentioned although they don't exist anymore. Tough to main a specialized restaurant with soaring raw ingredients prices and the Covid-19 crisis. They are listed here for the records:

  • Aster
  • Big Apple
  • Café Grækenlandsvej
  • Cafe Høegs
  • Cafe N
  • Chez Laurent
  • Green Love Danmark
  • Grønnere (helt vegansk)
  • Hafnia Bar
  • Hope Organic Copenhagen
  • Kosmos K
  • SimpleRAW
  • Urtehuset
  • Vegetarzan
  • VeggieHeroes Vesterbro
  • Vesuvio
  • Yellow Rose